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Moroccan Hand Woven Kilim Hall Runner

Moroccan Hand Woven Kilim Hall Runner

Beautiful Handmade Moroccan Sabra Silk Throw Rug - made by the Berbers in the High Altas Mountains. Size: Width 2.1' x Long 8.1'

Sabra silk is a natural fiber which is obtained from the Aloe Vera Cactus plant in Morocco. It is 100% vegetable silk. The fibers from the cactus plant are spun and woven to make the thread which is then dyed in different colors. The finished textile has sheen and, due to the elasticity of the fibers, is naturally free of wrinkles.

This Moroccan Berber kilim Rug is a beautiful Berber tribal rug. It has has unique designs with Berber patterns giving the piece a decorative touch.

The rug will add an ethnic decorative accent and rich colors to your home.

Dry clean. Use them on the floor.

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